Urban Ag

A 14-page annual report for a city gardening program based in San Francisco. Showcasing the yearling program's accomplishments in pdf booklet form helped the coordinator secure funding for another year. 
Urban Ag's Annual Report was designed under the studio's pro-bono grant program. 

The client, a knitwear designer and fiber arts teacher, hired the studio to bring her knitting workshop into book form. The design goal was to create a friendly, tactile experience for readers intimated by the color process for Fair Isle knitting. Early designs were submitted by the client in page form with text in place. I expanded the format using typography and various editorial forms for visuals, sidebars and special gallery pages. To demonstrate best practices I wrote content for some sidebars, captions and other specialty areas.

BELOW A snapshot of Urban Ag's original copy for a citywide gardening map. The data submitted in an Excel spreadsheet became the basis for an infographic showing the number and types of garden projects in San Francisco.

SS7_Case-studies-UA-6-SS7_Case-studies-UA-6-Excel copy.png