Hello, you!

I'm Kate Godfrey, designer-in-chief at Okaykate.

I practice the power of design to communicate—from easy-to-navigate publications, to
identity packages that grow with a business and presentations that make your audience
wakeup and say yes.

Form really does follow function here at Okaykate. 

My client of choice is the scrappy underdog—new businesses and nonprofits who need a guiding hand in an ever-changing marketplace, but I also love to work behind the scenes with overbooked design studios and corporate communication departments who need a little breathing room in their work day.

My studio is located in a tiny cottage on a windy hill in San Francisco with a lovely view of afternoon fog and yet I travel well to be where you need me to be.

Studio Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST

Here's what clients have to say about working with me:

Professional, humorous, and thoughtful, Kate was a pleasure to work with. She was organized and thorough and able to make ideas into beautiful images and design. She was open to feedback and welcomed my participation in the design process.
— Hannah Shulman, Urban Ag Program Coordinator SFRPD
Kate sorted out a 700-page messy website, presenting a clear visual display of site architecture. She developed stunning visual layouts and designs for the website, creating a brand new identity for our client. She is highly experienced in handling both client presentations and programming requirements.
— Angela Hey, Project Leader at Techviser
Kate Godfrey is without question a fantastic asset to any design, publishing, or creative services environment. She was always a gracious, deeply committed team-player, with a sophisticated perspective, great chops, and a super attitude. As a manager, I could always count on Kate to come through and get the job done
— Robert Kanes, Program Manager at Ammunition
[CalFresh was] a spectacular event, expertly branded. Cannot thank Kate enough for her invaluable contributions. Banner was great. Very popular for photo ops! Programs were beautiful.
— Jared & the CFPA Team

No matter where you are, I am only an email away if you need my services.


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Photograph by Marc Simon Photography